Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer is getting close!

Finally a beautiful weekend! Everything is so much nicer in the summer, with going to the beach, and laying out, and taking the boat out. Brett had off all weekend so Saturday and Sunday he took our boat out pretty much all day. He came back looking a tad bid like a lobster but he had a lot of fun so the sunburn doesn't matter to him.

We met our new neighbors, Tonya and Rick. They are from NY. We spent all Friday night at their house hanging out. Then Saturday night they had a BBQ, so Brett and I got to meet their neighbors as well. They are a bit older then we are, but super nice people. They have already invited us out of town with them and to go to the amusement parks. We see many good times in our future. Rick has a really nice Harley with a custom flame paint job that I am begging to go for a ride on. I think I am slowly wearing him down. Brett and I are so happy we are living near some really amazing couples that we can actually do things with. A lot of houses on our block are for sale so hopefully some more young couples move in.

One of the houses on the corner has a slip and slip...Remember those? The one I remember was just yellow, almost like a giant trash bag and you put the hose on one end and have at it. This one was amazing! It was multi-colored, which is pretty awesome, and had a build in sprinkler system. I was so jealous. Seems like every child in the neighborhood was coming and using it. Then the kids decided they wanted to get Tonya on the slip and slide. It was hilarious, because they all ganged up on her. There was a four year old hanging from her back, a child on each leg, and another pulling her fingers apart tourturing her into submission till she finally gave up falling into the water in defeat. They were so proud of themselves.

The four year old is adorible. He was hiding behind a tree when I first met him screaming "I see you!" By the end of the night, before him and his sister were carried off to bed in their cozy little PJ's with footsies, (I totally want a pair) he screamed across the street "Goodnight, little girl!" (meaning me) His mom was histerically laughing because whether I like it or not I now have a four year old boyfriend.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wisdom teeth...

April 17th, at 8:00 in the morning, Brett took me to get my wisdom teeth extracted. All four of them! I was so nervous and scared. I know its silly cause its just wisdom teeth, but I've heard so many horror stories and I was so afraid of the after math. In the middle of the procedure I woke up, they told me I still had one more tooth they needed to remove so I should go back to sleep and I gladly obliged. I woke up in so much pain. Brett, bless his little heart, staying with me all day and took care of me. Because my stomach is not used to pain killers, the Vicodin they gave me made me very sick. I couldn't keep anything down. So my oral surgeon has informed me to stay off all pain medications and just tough it out. YEAH ME! So my cheeks are so puffy and painful. But everyday gets a little bit easier. They say that day four and five are the worst, which means when i go back to work is when its going to be the toughest. I guess time will tell.

So for me its mashed potatoes, pudding, jello, and yogurt for the next week or two.



Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life is better at the beach...

This past year has been very eventful for us. For those of you that do not know, December of 2007, Brett and I bought our first home. We are settling quite nicely into our new home. It’s a three bedroom rancher, with a huge back yard, just perfect for our tiny family. Forgot how nice it was not being able to hear everything going on in our neighbor’s houses. We now live in Chesapeake, Virginia. Thank god there is no more jet noise. But we thankfully live very close to both of our jobs.

The house (a bad picture but you get the idea)

Brett still works at Surface Tech; which is a subcontracted company that the Navy uses on their aircraft carriers. He is a mechanic in the water blasting crew. I work at Lyon Shipyard. Been there going on a little over three and a half years now. For the past two years, I worked as the accounts payable clerk in the purchasing department. Our company is in the process of renovating around the yard and the purchasing department moved across our yard. The owner and office manager decided they didn’t want to give me up to the other side of the yard so they gave me my own office. This, after having many disputes with my former boss, was very much appreciated. So now I am in the main office, in a cozy new office as the only Accounts Payable Clerk/Subcontractor Insurance Administrator.

During the first half of last year I was kept very busy with planning my wedding and planning my sister’s baby shower. In April of 08, along with my 25th birthday came my little goobie (my nephew) Tommy. Although all of my friends have children, technically I was already an aunt. Nothing compares to being a real blood aunt, and seeing him grow and turn into the little man he is becoming. Looks just like Bobbi.

On June 21st, 2008, Brett and I finally got married after a two year engagement (and 7 years of dating). Everything went so perfectly. I really am glad we waited that long to give ourselves enough time to plan everything. We had it at my home church in Norwood, PA. I am so thankful to everyone that came and shared in the celebration. We went to St. Lucia on our honeymoon. It was absolutely amazing! We went horse back riding. Which was funny cause I am not that experienced as a rider and the horse I was riding was in the front of the pack, apparently he knew the way and liked to kick other horses and didn’t need instructors so I was alone most of the time enjoying the scenery and the sun. Brett was at the back of the group (about 30 people between us) because his horse also liked to bite and kick people. We also went on an ATV adventure which, naturally, Brett had us jumping over dunes and me clutching on for dear life almost flying off the back. I never laughed so hard. We went on a party boat cruise around the island and also went Zip lining. Zip lining was amazing swinging from canopy to canopy. That was my favorite part of our adventures.

Shortly after we came home from our honeymoon and into reality we had a nice visit with Brett’s parents. They came and saw our house for the first time. It was such a nice week.

We also now have a new member of our family; no we are not having a baby…not yet anyway. Her name is Athena. She is a four year old rat terrier. She was my best friend Jordan’s dog but she recently had to move back to Texas and couldn’t take her so we took her in. She and Achilles are getting along better then what I expected. He still is a very curious puppy when it comes to her but day by day they are getting more and more used to each other.

On thanksgiving, my parents came for a nice visit. Saw our home for the first time. Pretty much saw everything for the first time since the last time my dad came I was in the hospital with a collapsed lung.
Christmas time was very quite for us. We stayed home this year. Unfortunately Brett had to work so we didn't get any time to come home but hopefully this year we can.

At the end of March (09) Brett and his friend Larry decided one weekend, while I was home in PA, to rip apart our bathroom so they could remodel it. Well, with some expected problems, it didn't get done in that weekend like they had hoped. Instead it was a project I ended up having to do by myself, Brett's work got super busy and so he had no time to do anything so I was left with no shower, no toilet, no sink and no idea what I was doing.

Unfortunately, it still isn't completed quite yet but its well on its way. The floor was tiled, the shower was tiled and we now have a toilet, YEAH! And I did it all by myself. It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

The first weekend of April, I decided to have a girls weekend for my birthday. My friend Lauren flew in from Chicago, Nicole flew in from Philly, Heather drove from New Jersey and Jordan drove from Texas. We all had so much fun getting massages and hitting the night life. I think I enjoyed it way to much (ended up being sick most of the time.) Wednesday, April 8th, was my 26th birthday! YEA! I had to work that day which was great but I was so surprised by everyone that remembered my special day. I got flowers, and huge balloons from a few guys in the yard, and flowers from my parents. My office had a cake for me and sang happy birthday it was so nice. Even though I couldn't be with my real family on my birthday it was nice to celebrate with my second family. I came home to a lovely surprise, Brett bought me flowers and a card with a note that said "look in the freezer" When I looked there was an ice cream cake, individual size, all for me. We went out that night with a few friends for some drinks. It was all together a pretty nice birthday.