Monday, May 18, 2009

First day at the beach...

May 10, 2009...

Today was the first really nice day that everyone could get together and go to the beach. There were 15 of us. We all had so much fun. Spent all day there too so we made sure we brought our cooler full of food and another cooler full of beer. The boys all got in the water except a select few that had to be manually pulled in (Brett). Then slowly the ladies got in. The kids had a blast playing in the sand and they really wanted us to bury them. Rick had no problems burying his


(Brett, Mike, Jerry)

(Rick, Cheyenne, Bradon)


May 9, 2009...

It was such a beautiful day and the first time in a long time that Brett had off work so we took full advantage of it. We got up early with all of our neighbors and went out to Breakfast. It was the first time in a long time that i could eat what i wanted since my wisdom teeth were removed. I think everyone is very surprised by how much i can eat and still be tiny. I figure it will probably catch up to me some day but till then I'm going to enjoy it.

After breakfast we all decided to go to the Zoo. It was my first time ever to the Zoo in Virginia and my first time going to any Zoo since i was in 9th grade. Brett and I were really excited.

First thing you see when you enter the Zoo is this humongous black ball that has water coming out of it. Of course being the adults that we are, we had to play in it. Then we went to see the pigs. I have never seen a pig this big before. I wanted to take it home with me it was so cute! We spend a good couple of hours looking at all the animals they had. I don't even thing we had enough time to see them all. But that just means we can go back again. :)

Trip home

May 1 - 3, 2009...
My neighbor Nicolyn and I decided to go home for Tommy's first birthday party. After a very long 5 hour drive we finally made it to New Jersey, stopping at the one arch McDonald's, of course, since Nicolyn has never seen one before.

When we eventually arrived at my sisters house, she had everything prepared for us to make this MASSIVE dinosaur cake! This thing was amazing and my sister really has some awesome ideas in that head of hers. It was 5 cakes cut out by hand. I really think Tommy loved it. I know he probably wont remember his first birthday party, but I surely will.

Sunday we went to visit some friends of mine. First, we went to Kristy's. I got to see my nephews Johnny, Vincent (my godson), and Chase. They are getting so big. They are so cute, being the aunt, they get away with murder with me. :)

After our visit I took Nicolyn for her first Inside Out - the only real place to get one which is at Double Decker in Ridley, PA. These things are amazing and among one of the many things I miss very much in PA. I found a picture of one on the Internet but ours are different, this one is baked and ours are fried.

After we ate, we went to Dannae's. She probably would have murdered me if I hadn't at least stop by. Finally,after another little visit I had to say goodbye and start the drive back before it got too late. I was welcomed back with open arms and my babies were so happy to see me. Achilles missed me so much he slept in my suit case that night.