Friday, June 12, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen,
After 20 years, I finally got to see the New Kids On The Block! My Work has "season" tickets to every concert that comes to the Virginia Beach Amphitheater. The seats are only one section away from the stage and it's VIP so there is special parking and separate bars and food that are cheaper and not crowded. Mr. Lyon asked me if I would like the tickets for NKOTB, and I jumped at the chance. My friends Chaya and Dana came with me. That day, the weather was terrible! It was like a monsoon but nothing would keep me away from seeing them! I think we were all surprised at how good they really are and how good looking they still are. Donnie is still my man of course but I must say time has been on all their sides. The show opened with the Jabberwalkies, Who won America's Best Dance Crew on MTV and they were amazing! Then Jesse McCartney came out. He did pretty good too. Definitely has white man syndrome and cant really dance all to well but he can sing his little butt off. The pictures aren't great quality because I took them with my phone. But you can kinda get the gist of everything going on. I had so much fun though, Thank you ladies for going with me!


(Jesse McCartney)


(Still sexy - Donnie - and no I wasn't this close to him, this is from the monitor. He would have been molested had I been this close. Sorry Brett, but you have Jessica Simpson. hehe)

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